Why Grumpy Cat and Social Media PR are Similar

Social media and its’ interactive capacities have changed the way that PR practitioners relate to their publics. Ironically, the reasons for this phenomenon can be paralleled by the online celebrity, ‘Grumpy Cat’.

Admit it; you’ve wasted many hours of would-be productive time scrolling through grumpy-cat memes. And, in a state of extreme self-loathing, you ask yourself; why are these memes so addictive?

The reason we love Grumpy Cat is because we relate to her. Cat or not, there is a strong, human element which society resonates with.

A similar pattern is emerging amongst PR practitioners. The social media phenomenon has provided new platforms for practitioners to engage publics in ways people are interested in.

In short, social media has humanised public relations.

We relate to conversational blogs and twitter posts more than traditional broadcast models of communication. Through interactive social media platforms, practitioners can create sustainable relationships with publics in a fun, personal and engaging way.

Gone are the days where only computer-literate individuals could contribute to online content. Nowadays any relatively tech-savvy person can collaborate with the rest of the globe to generate online material in the Web 2.0 system.

The role of practitioners hasn’t changed. However, the way that practitioners fashion relationships between organisations and publics is becoming increasingly interactive and personal through online social media.


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