PR 2.0: How to win friends and influence Social Media

The inherent need to connect with others has been revolutionised from the inception of Social Media. Today, it is a globally utilized, powerful communication method with thousands of messages shared in cyberspace every second of the day. With the potential to reach millions of people through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media outlets, smart PR practitioners are becoming #OnTrend and getting in on the action.

A new generation of PR practice is being adapted in response to Web 2.0. Practitioners are moving away from pure information dissemination and facilitating engaging, two-way communication with consumers online – thus the art of Social Media Management is available to see live in action.

When done well, PR practitioners can cultivate engagement, brand visibility and positive customer relationships – particularly in Tweets, through playful banter, personalized responses and giveaways.

But beware! Those who are unskilled in social media etiquette will bare the full wrath of consumer and employer backlash. Online media faux pas can be detrimental, costing customers, reputation, and even your job #thinkbeforeyoutweet.

It’s not about what your company says about itself, it’s about what others are saying about you – whether it’s within your local community or on the other side of the world – and the response is critical. So you better be listening and engaged in the conversations because, in Social Media, everything’s coming up Milhouse, but only if you’re in the loop.

Internet Minute

Image Credit: IntelFreePress


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