Do you Follow/Insta/Tweet/”Like” the #socialmedia revolution?


The dawn of social media has revolutionised the way we think and value ourselves, the people around us and our consumerist public sphere. We are the living, breathing life support for industries everywhere and we have Web 2.0 to thank. But do we have the control or do they?

Now that the modern PR practitioner’s role includes management of social media, we are faced with a multi-faceted dilemma. How can we know what is real, or merely a mirrored agenda of corporate elites? Can we trust ourselves, or are we just adding to the social hybridisation of modernity?

PR practitioner’s are also intercepted with mixed emotions. However, it is obvious which route they must take. The age-old debate of traditional Vs. online is what divides the practitioner from attaining profitable harmony with the stakeholder and public. But discarding old habits completely can backfire too. It is a double-edged sword that requires careful integration of both the new and old.

Let’s take the latter. As the demand for information fluctuates to all time highs, the true test of the PR practitioner’s role comes into play, as seen via KFC’s media ploy to gain back lost interest for the company’s scholarship program. The company caught social media outlet Twitter’s attention when a release in new rules omitted that new applicants can now only apply by posting a tweet as to why they deserve the money and too also include the hashtag #KFCScholar.

Clever. Adaptive. And completely successful.

twitter kfc


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