Social Public Relations: Relating as a business socially

Social media provides businesses a way present themselves as a social presence. This changes the way  public relations practitioners engage with their public’s. bringing information to the personal level.

Gruing identifies four models of public relations. The most interactive model was the 2 way symmetrical. Practitioners give information and receive feedback. Schwerdtferger is a social media commentator and he says social media is a three way communication device. This is displayed by Public Relations Practitioner delivering a message, responding to feedback. The third tier is consumers meet and discuss their experiences with each other.

Kaplan and Haenlein 2010 suggest five ways to maximise the social media to your advantage. Choose or create a social media platform that suits your business. Create a social media policy including a plan to integrate social media regularly into the way you communicate with your public. Each platform has it’s own nuances and preferences, to be effective it’s best to know these. Ensure users can access the conversation from all devices.

Social media gives businesses the opportunity to relate on a social level with it’s public, and receive greater feedback as well, as see how the public discuss it.


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