Social PR: The influence of the social revolution

Social Media

“Social Media” sourced by Sean Macentee

We tweet, hashtag, post, share, blog and pin; in the modern times a social experience can occur just by the click of a button. We no longer rely on traditional mediums for communication but demand instant access to news, entertainment and information. Patience and waiting all seems to be a thing of the past.

As 4.2 billion people access social media sites via mobile devices every single day it is not surprising that our addiction to social media has changed normal interaction.

This new sense of communication has been a massive ball changer not only for society but the businesses within it. Businesses must be active online in order to successfully interact with their publics.

This is why PR consultancies are harping about the benefits of social media in public relations. What businesses are starting to realize is they now have the potential to contact their consumers instantly with notifications on their devices. We are an increasingly two-way communicating world and businesses are more aware of their necessity within social media.

With the correct social media campaigns and strategies in place by PR consultant’s, social media can increase the trending and popularity of businesses and their products.


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