PR Agents: No Longer Working ‘Behind the Screens’ in Fashion

(Image courtesy of Flickr)

The advent of social media has influenced the way we behave in the online sphere.

We’ve all been responsible for one too many #hashtags, dicing the words ‘b4’ and ‘C U’ into 140 bits and pieces, and ‘liking’ a page to win a year’s supply of cat food (guilty).

Sure enough, there’s been a change in how PR professionals communicate too.

Why the change? Social media has granted companies the ability to exchange information and communicate directly with their publics – and vice versa – without the need for a traditional media middleman (DiStaso & McCorkindale, 2012). This change has posed equal amounts of possible success and failure to those who try to harness it.

A modern PR agent’s role now extends to managing social media, as demonstrated by fashion industry favourite: Oscar PR Girl (managed by Oscar de la Renta’s Senior VP of Communications Erika Bearman).

No longer the faceless entities transmitting information to their audience, they are now visible conversationalists.

As an avid fashion business follower, I’ve observed PR 2.0 in full effect on my newsfeed. In keeping up with the shifting power from the client to the consumer, fashion PR professionals have embraced social media, adopting new strategies to forge personal and participatory relationships with their stakeholders. Blogger collaborations, Instagram competitions and viral videos have become commonplace on our screens – encouraging audiences to generate content back to them too.

Whether you’re an aspiring business or a devoted follower, social media gives you the opportunity to share your voice.



DiStaso, M. & McCorkindale, T. 2012 ‘Social Media: Uses and Opportunities in Public Relations’ in Global Media Journal, Canada, Vol. 5 (2), pp.75-82


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