Regram For Regram?

Scrolling through my Instagram newsfeed, I have noticed a culture of ‘regramming’ from various online clothing stores, popular ‘instagrammers’, and PR professionals.

Social media is like cocaine for today’s tech savvy generation; increasingly addictive and people are becoming heavily immersed and absorbed in particular social networking sites. Using social media is now considered a daily habit for most; guilty as charged.

There is no doubt that Instagram will only continue to accelerate, with over 80 million registered users and over 5 million photos uploaded per day.

It is no wonder that businesses and PR professionals are taking part in this social media trend.  Instagram allows for users to communicate and collaborate with users, transmit two-way conversational information, share creative brand personality, lose the professional talk and connect with audiences on a 24-hour, global basis; where everyone can actively participate.

Social media has provided a gateway of opportunities for public relations in positive relationship building. When you regram an image through Instagram, those who are attributed are potentially tapping into a whole new audience market, which means, yep you guessed it, new potential customers and clients for businesses and PR professionals.

This brings us to the power of the audience, yes that is you. It is clear that there has been a shift in power, where what users of social media such as yourself like, share, repost, comment or regram has never been more influential in the online world. PR professionals and businesses are tapping into this new-formed power, by collaborating with popular Instagram users and bloggers in return for photo uploads, regrams, positive feedback and confirmation of their brand, product and services.

Just remember your social media presence is more influential and powerful than you think.


2 thoughts on “Regram For Regram?

  1. So true. I guess in a way a lot of bloggers have sold out – they have become promotors for fashion brands and clients in return for free clothes or more media exposure. In the past bloggers were seen as a new breed of writers/photographers and media outlets who gave an opinion and a voice, now they’re just like journalists – paid to write and create content.

    Anyway maybe I’m reading too much into this lol!

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