You are what you Tweet

Ready, set, post!

Tools of the new age enable the tech savvy to construct, create and makeover their identity with no boundaries.

We’re all guilty of spending more time than we like to admit scrutinising and overanalysing our post, tweet and caption to the umpteenth degree of obsession, transforming our friends, family and followers into our stakeholders.

Well, corporations have even higher stakes. Their posts are under the watchful eye of the core foundation of their brand: the consumer, the opinion leader, the activist and more.

Communicating a brand has never been so limitless through the emergence of Web 2.0. Social media has thrown out the newspaper and replaced it with the news feed, as consumers and endorsers scroll down and feast on the news they follow.


Social media followers create a unified stakeholder presence with representation from various publics demographically, geographically, and sociologically.

Costly publicity methods such as ad space and product placement seem far less necessary. Social Media can be a great tool to produce effective ROI – costless exposure to a global audience? Tick!

Traditional transmission models have been abrogated and deemed redundant as corporations openly ask and welcome the contribution of their publics.

The landscape of public relations has irrevocably changed and endorsed symmetric communications methods. Reaching audiences of unprecedented spanning, new technology mandates a consistently global approach to communication.

A fun look at how social networking has become such a natural part of our lives with the potential to construct any identity we want.


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