Building relationships one tweet at a time


Long lost are the days in which people caught up for lunch; and did just that.  In today’s society, a lunch date includes a visual photo diary via instagram, selfies’, or a status update via  Twitter,Facebook and other social platforms.

We are all becoming digitally inclined and addicted to the social media revolution; it has become second nature. The ramifications of such a global online network now means that people in our lives (friends, family and organisations) who want to gain our attention need to do so, digitally.

Similar to how we portray our own lives on our Facebook profiles, public relations professionals now have the opportunity to utilise social media platforms to persuade and disseminate two-way conversational  content about their clients to their publics; allowing consumers to positively or negatively engage via commenting, liking, sharing and rating.

With the use of social media, we as consumers are now empowered; we have a voice, and a very powerful voice it is. We have become influential; what we do or say on social media has the ability to generate conversation amongst a global audience 24/7 and PR professionals need in.

The social media revolution has created channels for PR professionals to disperse two-way creative content, collaborate with bloggers, generate third party validation of clients products or services and create a global voice, image and personality for their clients online.  All of these social-sphere activities endeavour to further enhance positive relationships with the organisation and their publics.

To finish – an interesting video which displays the unique power of social media.

An article by Marketing and Communications student, Shelby Redmond

Image via Creative Commons, JasonHowie’s Flickr photostream. 

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